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FAR Infrared & Negative Ion Products

Optimum Resonant Materials
An advanced approach to natural healing.
Helps circulation, mental alertness & stress relief.

ORM stands for Optimum Resonant Materials consisting of Tourmaline, Serpentine (minerals) and Chinon (a luxurious fiber derived from milk protein - hypoallergenic).

Tourmaline emits negative ions and far-infrared rays, reduces water clustering and has anti-bacterial and deodorant qualities. Serpentine also emits negative ions and far infrared waves. It is also an effective deodorant and anti-bacterial agent. Both minerals valuable ingredients in the manufacturing of the FAR Infrared products. The minerals are refined into particles of 0.3 microns on average and then using a proprietary process they are integrated into the fibers of the Chinon material (luxurious fiber with a feel like silk and hypo-allergenic).

What makes FAR Infrared ORM so special? Their formula is specially designed to improve circulation and stimulate the body's natural healing processes. It's effectiveness is due to three important factors.

1. Size of the ORM particles. They have the only technology available that can refine tourmaline, serpentine and other minerals to 0.3 microns or less. The smaller particles create a greater surface area which increases the minerals' effectiveness many times.

2. The patented ORM composite. The combination of tourmaline, serpentine and other special minerals make FAR Infrared ORM the only material of its kind.

3. The special weave. This was expressly designed by scientists on their research team to emit the optimum amount of negative ions and far infrared rays. The Chinon material has a superior wicking ability which makes it ideal for bedding, clothing and sportswear. Research in Japan and elsewhere has shown that ORM products with their combination of far infra-red and negative ions help improve circulation, aid in stress relief, increase mental alertness, and aid in faster recovery from fatigue and injuries. These products also have an anti-bacterial and deodorizing effect.

Thermovision Studies:

Photo left without FAR INfrared blanket - Photo right with FAR Infrared blanket

At Penn State's Center for Sports Medicine, one of the top research facilities for sports performance in the nation, Dr. William Kraemer is leading a study on the unique effects of ORM composites. He, together with more than 20 colleagues, have devoted 1000's of research hours to this project. These scientists are conducting ongoing research from Sports Performance which began in 1992 and Cell Studies which began in 1996.

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