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HIDING THE TRUTH: The nation came together in an all out effort to fight World War II. The country's leading manufacturers help lead the fight. After the war, the chemical manufacturers needed a new enemy. The target became bacteria. The ADA joined the new battle by declaring war on tooth decay bacteria. The ADA hired the prestigious Harvard University to research the relationship of bacteria to tooth decay. Ten years later, the results were found to be that white refined sugar was the primary cause of tooth decay. Instead of letting the general public know the true results, the ADA and dental manufacturers blamed the dental disease on sugar bugs. Sugar bugs feed on white refined sugar to cause tooth decay. Get rid of the sugar bugs and tooth decay will be eliminated. The war on tooth decay turned into the fluoride toothpaste campaign. Two cities in Illinois were used as test sites where one city used fluoride toothpaste and the other did not. The test results were not that conclusive, but the dental industry used the results to launch the barrage of antibacterial oral hygiene products upon the public. TV was the new invention that helped advertise the antibacterial campaign.

Proliferating bacteriaThe chemical industry war that includes the dental war against bacteria have resulted in numerous casualties on both sides. No longer are there the vast numbers of certain disease pathogens as there were before the war. Many of the old diseases have been wiped off the face of this country. Unfortunately, the war has brought new diseases and new enemies. The old bacteria that survived, have now mutated into bacteria that resist many of the antibacterial agents. Using the old agents allow the new resistant bacteria to take over the environment. The real casualty of the war is the destruction of the true fighters of pathogens. They are the good bacteria. The chemical industry has tilted the ecological scale to favor resistant pathogenic bacteria. Mother nature has used good bacteria to control the bad bacteria by competing against each other for food. As long as the battle between bacteria takes place, the bad bacteria are not able to cause disease.

THE TIMES ARE A CHANGING: Resistant bacteria warnings are in the forefront of the news. A major TV network warns people who go to hospitals to wash their hands thoroughly to prevent infectious disease. The reason is that overuse of antibacterial agents in the hospital surroundings have bred resistant bacteria that have taken over the environment. The recent terrorist threat of Anthrax have the medical industry worried of overuse of Cipro, the last line of defense of resistant strains of the bacteria. A recent doctor's convention was held where the topic was overprescribing antibiotics. Estimates of between 20-50% of all prescription antibiotics may not have been needed. The Center for Disease Control claims that 50 million prescriptions of antibiotics out of the 150 million prescribed by doctors are unnecessary. Instead of taking the responsibility for their actions, the doctors cast the blame for resistant bacteria on other antibacterial agents. There is plenty of blame to pass around. The chemical industry introduces thousands of new chemical formulas each year in products to fight bacteria. A recent PBS documentary highlighted the fact that these chemicals can not be metabolized by the human body. When the human body is exposed to these chemicals, traces remain to act as poisons and free radicals. This results in weakening of the immune system and making the body vulnerable to infectious diseases. The chemicals initially kill bacteria, but the bacteria have mutated to become resistant to the chemicals. Humans are not able to mutate their genes like bacteria.

The medical profession is depending on the chemical industry to bail them out of their abuse of medicines. The problem is that bacteria have survived for eons of years by mutating when they encounter danger to their very existence. The time has come to change strategy before it is too late and we will poison ourselves off this planet. Instead of killing all bacteria, the time has come to target the bad bacteria. In fact, Biotechnology is doing just that. Unfortunately, they are having a hard time because of the billions of genes, most of them do nothing but take up space. It is like finding a needle in a large hay stack. The only way to find the right genes means testing each gene and that may prove to be a futile task. Perhaps the only way to fight resistant bacteria is to accept that in our chemical polluted society, there will be resistant pathogens. The way to keep the pathogens from causing disease is to use good bacteria to fight the new bad bacteria. When there is an emergency situation, like the possible Anthrax epidemic, use modern medicine to thwart the spread of the disease. The solution is what can be called integrative medicine. Be realistic and know that as long as there is chemical warfare against bacteria, there will be resistant bacteria. Replace use of everyday chemicals with safer non toxic products. Then when there is an emergency situation, use the modern day chemicals to survive the emergency.

Most bacteria are harmless and some even are beneficial.NEW WAY OF LOOKING AT GERMS: Stuart Levy, president elect of the American Society of Microbiology may have the solution. He postulates that resistant bacteria are found everyplace where there is exposure to antibacterial agents. To combat the resistant bacteria, allow susceptible bacteria that were a normal part of the flora to reenter and compete with the resistant bacteria. Levy states that resistant bacteria expend more energy into developing mechanisms to fight antibacterial agents. This gives the susceptible bacteria the edge in competition with the resistant bacteria. Eventually, the resistant bacteria will be eliminated or reduced to such a level as where they can not cause damage. Levy warns that the overuse of antibacterial agents may even cause diseases such as asthma and allergy. The old theory of disease was that if you sanitize and clean your body, the body will not get disease. This theory must be changed to be in tune with the new world by replacing sanitize to prudent use of sanitation products. We must be aware that what worked in the past, may not work at all in the present. We may be children of our parents, but the pathogens among us are new and were not around in generations past.

INTEGRATIVE DENTAL PRODUCTS: This new age of resistant bacteria needs a new remedy to maintain good dental health. We must assume that the mouth is full of resistant bacteria because we overuse antibacterial agents in the mouth. We must use the expertise of Levy by fighting resistant bacteria with susceptible bacteria. We must take into account what is currently accepted by the dental profession that is that dental disease is caused by both new and old bacteria. The integrative solution is to brush your teeth with a non toxic antibacterial product. Then rinse the bacteria and odor away with a product that fights both resistant bacteria and susceptible pathogenic bacteria. Compete50 may be the best combination of toothpaste and mouthwash because of its integrative power. What is Compete50?

The new products are an antioxidant antibacterial non toxic toothpowder and a new probiotic apple flavored mouthwash.

ANTIOXIDANT TOOTHPOWDER: Compete50 toothpowder is revolutionary in that it is an antibacterial agent that does not release toxic gases. The new process uses Nuclear magnetic resonance energy to clean and kill the bacteria. To learn more go to link Compete50 to learn how the product works.

PROBIOTIC MOUTHWASH: Probiotics have been used as treatment for digestive problems for over 60 years. The concept is not new. The basic principle of probiotics is to use good bacteria to compete against pathogenic bacteria. Yet, this therapeutic is swallowed and bypasses having any beneficial effect in the oral cavity. Compete50 is a special probiotic that competes against oral pathogens. To learn more about the probiotic mouthwash, click on the link below.

Compete50 is truly a revolutionary way to clean and freshen your mouth. Compete50 is safe, efficient, economical and completely non toxic.

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