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AlkaPro Alkaline Drops

The alkaline drop, dietary supplement that neutralizes body acid for better health.

Water is an element that is required for maintaining health and life. Water is the key to chemical reactivity in the body. The electrolytes in the water enable us to maintain the proper ratio of fluids in our bodies. The electrolyte molecules form two components: ACID forming anions and ALKALINE forming cations. The acid forming anions are negatively charged particles. The alkaline forming cations are positively charged particles.

For life to be maintained, the body needs a pH of 7.30 to 7.40 in the bloodstream. The pH factor is determined by the balance of acid and alkaline in the body. In today’s environment, we all have systems that are more acid than alkaline. When the system is acid, the body is using valuable nutrients, such as calcium, potassium, sulfur, and magnesium. Calcium is primarily stored in the bones. Cells and tissues also give up the other nutrients to balance the acid and alkaline in our bodies. This debilitating process can cause disease and premature aging. However, we can change this situation for ourselves as individuals. WATER, the key to life and health, can be used to relieve this situation!!! We are not just talking about ordinary water, but water that has been pH adjusted and with a balanced blend of electrolytes, providing our bodies with the pH balance necessary to maintain better health. Using AlkaPro™ over even a short period of time will help us in health maintenance and assist in ridding the body of many toxins and diseases that have been brought on by over-acidic fluid conditions in the body. Most of the "aging" diseases are related to the over acidic condition of the body.

At birth, our body contains approximately 97% water. During the aging process dehydration occurs slowly. At middle age, 70% of body weight is water. The loss of water continues as we grow older in all of our tissues. Wrinkling is caused by this water loss, and it is easy to see the effects in this way. We eat very differently today than our ancestors did. Protein intake is higher and carbohydrates, which do not come from whole grains, have become a staple. Sugar intake is greatly increased. Sugar, refined carbohydrates and high levels of protein increase acidity in our bodies. Many of us do not drink water and if we do it is not normally enough. Many believe that coffee, tea, soda, juice and other liquid beverages can substitute for water. EVERY SUBSTANCE INGESTED HAS A PH UNIQUE TO THAT SUBSTANCE. Municipal water generally has a pH range of 7.4 - 8.6. Food found in the American diet normally has a pH range between 2.5 - 7.5. In order to balance low pH food and beverage we need to drink water with higher pH ranges. Every thing involving pH is exponential in nature. That means that if we eat fast food, we will require a couple of glasses of water high in pH (9.0 - 11.0) to offset the negative effects on our body. Carbonated beverages, especially colas, create a high level of acidity. Many of us have heard the stories about cola cleaning rust off of bolts, removing spots from chrome bumpers, and loosening grease stains from clothing. Imagine what the effects are in the body! It takes approximately 32 glasses of high pH water to counteract the acid effects of one can of cola in the body.

We require oxygen to live and much of the oxygen in our body comes from water. We absorb oxygen molecules from the water. Carbonated beverages impart more carbon dioxide and less oxygen. Water gives our bodies the oxygen we need and creates the ability to dissolve nutrients in the blood and body fluids. Enzymes, hormones, and coenzymes dissolve in the body fluids and then act on metabolites (amino acids, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals), which are then similarly dissolved. Water, the universal solvent, acts in the body on waste - urea, carbon dioxide, and various electrolytes - so that we can excrete the waste from our bodies.

Without high pH water we are at a decided disadvantage. What kinds of water are available today? While city water is safe from contaminates and well regulated, it does contain lots of undesirable elements such as chlorine and high levels of fluoride.

Well water requires analysis and treating the water will depend upon the test results. Some spring water is excellent for your health, but some isn’t. Bottled water remains highly unregulated or under-regulated. We suggest caution when purchasing bottled water. There are many good brands on the market, but there are also bottlers who do not test for toxic materials and heavy metals. This water is “dead” water, as it contains no minerals or dissolved oxygen. If you ingest this type of water over a period of time, your body will leach calcium, potassium, sodium, and magnesium into your bloodstream to make up for the continued depletion of these necessary nutrients for maintaining life. Adding AlkaPro™ to distilled or r/o water allows the body to properly use the water. AlkaPro™ also contains MSM and Bioflavonoids. This is an advantage over other products in the market because MSM is natural sulfur, which is the fifth most prevalent mineral in the body at birth and is gradually lost as we age. The Bioflavonoids act as a potentiating factor in the formula.

The important thing about any water we drink, is the acid and alkaline balance of the water. There are two methods of producing an acid neutralizing water. The first method is by using a water ionizer. The second method is by using AlkaPro™ acid neutralizing drops.

AlkaPro™ acid neutralizing drops are the convenient way to produce alkaline water. Available in .5 oz. and 1.2 oz. bottles, it only takes 2 - 4 drops in each 6 - 8 oz. glass of water to benefit from the acid neutralizing effects. The high pH (10.5 - 11.0) is assisting our bodies in flushing acidic toxins and waste from our system. The alkaline water is able to assist us in utilizing the essential minerals, potassium, calcium, sodium, and magnesium, resulting in better health. Over time you will notice less problems overall with the immune systems, and better ability to digest all types of food.

The first few days, you will notice that you may spend more time in the bathroom. Do not be alarmed. Your body is beginning to flush acidic wastes from your system. You will eliminate solid wastes from your body only hours after you have eaten after you have been taking AlkaPro™ for an extended period of time. Your body will begin to absorb all of the essential nutrients from the food and will eliminate waste quickly. Your digestive tract will become much cleaner and disease free. Your immune system will improve and your ability to fight a cold will improve. Those of you with conditions such as arthritis will notice a reduction in its effects on your body.


  • Provides Appropriate Amounts of Electrolytes and MSM for Acid Reduction for Better Health
  • Supports the Elimination of Toxins in the Body
  • AlkaPro™ Provides Electrolytes that Move Water Intracellular & Extracellular
  • Electrolytes Increase Body Fluids and MSM Component Increases Natural Sulfur Inside the Cells
  • Supports Reduction of Stomach Upset from Ingesting Acidic Food & Beverages
  • More Advantages than Popular Sports Drinks & Does Not Contain Sugars, Sodium, Calories, or Additives
  • Convenient Concentrate - Easy to Use, Easy to Carry
  • Promotes Better Health When Used Regularly
  • Electrolytes Ease Lactic Acid Reaction That May Cause Muscle Cramping Due to Physical Exertion

To purchase AlkaPro™ drops for only $15.95, click here

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